Students from St. Joseph's Tour Historic Churches in Downtown Detroit

Source: St. Joseph's Academy

Academy students from the 5th-8th grades pause for a picture in front of historic Sweetest Heart of Mary Church in Detroit

On Thursday, November 14th the 5th-8th grade students from St. Joseph's Academy spent the day touring some of the most beautiful examples of church architecture in Michigan.

Despite the unexpected absence of their tour guide, Father William Kimball, twenty-seven students braved the cold along with six faculty members to discover the hidden architectural gems in Downtown Detroit. The students marveled at mosaics, bas-relief stations, stunning statuary, elaborate tile-work, and soaring altars. They used their recently-acquired knowledge of Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles to spot the influences at work in the building of these magnificent structures. Everything they saw spoke of the glories of the Church in ages past and left them with motivation to work for the restoration of that glory in the future.

You can view images of the churches that the students toured below.

St. Joseph's Oratory

Old St. Mary's Church

St. Aloysius Church

Sweetest Heart of Mary Church