Fundraising Projects

The Annual Golf Outing provides both recreation and much-needed funds for academy priests, staff, and friends.

In an effort to keep the cost of a Catholic education as affordable as possible, our St. Joseph's Academy conducts a number of annual fundraising events. Academy families, as well as the parish as a whole, work together to solicit donations in a number of fun parish and community events

The Golf Outing

This annual event draws enthusiastic golfers from all around the area for an enjoyable day of golf, raffles, contests, and prizes for the benefit of St. Joseph's Academy

The Bison, Bullets & Beer Sportsmen's Dinner

A recent but very successful addition to our fundraising efforts, the BBB brings hunters and other sportsmen together for a night of games, raffles and auctions.

The Bike-a-Thon

Each fall our students hit the storefronts for several weekends to ask for donations and sponsorships for our Bike-a-Thon event. When the big day arrives, teachers, students, families and friends enjoy a competitive day of cycling on the Macomb-Orchard Bike Trail.

The Rollerblade-a-Thon

Our longest running fundraiser is now in its 19th year! Each spring, after several intense weeks of fundraising efforts outside stores, students and staff give their best efforts on our parking lot rollerblade track, hoping their per-lap pledges will go a long way to support our beloved school.

The Academy's principal fundraiser, The Rollerblade-a-Thon, is great fun for students and an effective way to support our mission of Catholic education.