Our Teaching Staff

Small classes and caring teachers are a hallmark of St. Joseph's Academy.

A school is as good as its staff. In this regard, we at St. Joseph’s Academy consider ourselves privileged to have a staff of ten skilled teachers and three priests committed to the education and formation of our children, both in the classroom and out. 

St. Joseph’s Academy teachers are vibrant and enthusiastic. This positive attitude is effectively communicated to the students and is evidenced in the happy and friendly atmosphere of the school.

A Dedicated Group of Teachers

The Staff are trained to a high professional level in accord with the best educational practice and their range of experience is both diversified and ideal for our needs. They are a most dedicated group of teachers and show a genuine interest and concern for the pupils in all areas of their school life, spiritual academic, and physical. Our teachers are trained in basic first aid and are proficient in dealing with special allergy problems.

Cooperation among staff is excellent, providing an environment that is truly like a family. The running of the daily school program is in the capable hands of Fr. Todd Angele. Father possesses almost three decades of experience in the priesthood with many of those years devoted to the administration of traditional Catholic schools.

Individual Attention

What is attractive about St. Joseph’s Academy is undoubtedly the small student to teacher ratio. This makes for more effective teaching instruction and guarantees individual help to all students and in particular those experiencing learning difficulties. No class exceeds twelve children and most classes are considerably less, a very welcome prospect for any teacher! Discipline in these circumstances is not an issue and children are taught in an environment of good manners and respect for authority and for each other.

Understanding in the Light of Faith

Staff members are most anxious to form in their students a lasting love of learning, the creation of an orderly mind through the acquisition of good study habits. The purpose of our academic program is to understand everything in the light of the Faith and it is the Catholic Faith that makes our academy what it aims to be.