St. Joseph's Daily Schedule

At St. Joseph's Academy, we strive for an orderly environment which will allow our students to see and appreciate the order of God's creation. This environment is conducive to teaching and learning as God intends and as the Catholic Church has done for centuries. Each school day begins and ends with prayers, as if to surround the academic formation with formation in the Catholkic Faith.

7:30 am Teachers Arrive
7:40 am Doors open
7:45 am 1st bell
7:50 am Line-up
7:55 am Morning prayers
8:05-11:40 am Morning classes
9:45-10:00 am Morning recess
11:40 am-12:35 pm Lunch and Recess
12:40 pm-3:05 pm Afternoon classes
3:10 pm Line-up
3:15 pm Dismissal

*On Wednesdays, classes end at 1:20 PM, with line up and dismissal at 1:25-1:30 PM.