A Vision for the Future and the Salvation of Souls

Rev. Fr. Todd Angele

The supreme law is the salvation of souls. To that end, everything at St. Joseph’s Academy is orchestrated to facilitate the formation of character in her students. Timeless teaching methods, the riches of the traditional Catholic liturgy, and an enthusiastic, skilled teaching staff work together to bring the knowledge, the love, and the service of God to the children of southeastern Michigan.

A Vision for Sanctity

Rev. Fr. Todd Angele is our new prior and rector. With over 27 years of experience, Fr. Angele ensures that our academy follows the guidelines established by the Society of Saint Pius X for education and keeps our focus on the highest priority—the salvation of souls.

Fr. Angele works with the staff to help teachers to appreciate their role in the formation of character in their students. A Catholic teacher must not only transmit data—they must work towards the formation of virtue in their students through a strong prayer life and by setting a good example in all things.

The Liturgy: The Life of the Church

Just as we are called to know, love and serve God, the faithful Catholic must strive for both a knowledge and a love of the liturgy of Holy Mother Church. A lack of understanding of our liturgical heritage led, in the 1950’s, to a gradual dumbing down of the Mass, the Catechism, and all things distinctively Catholic. The disastrous results lying in the wake of the Second Vatican Council show the folly of this approach!

At St. Joseph’s Academy, we strive to make the knowledge and love of our Catholic liturgical tradition a daily part of our student’s lives. Fr. Angele works to make this a reality by ensuring frequent access to the Mass and sacraments for all students and teachers, by carefully training altar servers in the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen, and by focusing on the liturgical year and the sacraments in both conferences and religion classes.

Rev. Fr. Todd Angele

Upon graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in St. Marys, KS, Fr. Angele entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Ridgefield, CT and was ordained by Bishop Fellay in 1990. Following his ordination, Fr. Angele spent ten years in Australia where he was privileged to open that District’s first SSPX high school, St. Thomas Aquinas College.

After ten years in Australia, Fr. Angele served as rector of St. John Bosco Private School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada before making his way back to his alma mater, St. Mary’s, where he had the responsibility of the parish for the past seven years. 

It was a great honor for Father to be able to serve the parish and school that had given him so much in his formative years. Since August of 2017, however, Fr. Angele has put his experience and enthusiasm to good use guiding St. Joseph’s Academy towards an exciting future.