Testimonials from Academy Students and Parents

Of the many students who have passed through the halls of our beloved academy, some have shared with us the great and lasting impact their education here has had on their lives. Parents of current students, as well, tell us of the benefits their children and families are reaping through their association with St. Joseph's Academy

“I attended St. Josephs from Kindergarten through 12th grade and the education I received is invaluable. It’s helped me keep the faith amid the temptations and struggles of young adulthood and taught me the importance of a Catholic education that I am now providing my children, who also attend St. Josephs. Their academic experiences will, no doubt, be as useful a tool to them as they have been and continue to be for me. The corrupt world we live in today has made the task of parenting as daunting as it ever has been, and being obligated as we are to provide our children with a strong Catholic foundation to set the course in helping them to save their souls makes the decision to send them to the Academy an easy one. From frequent Holy Mass to wonderful, fulfilling friendships, to a wonderful curriculum with just as wonderful teachers-these are all beneficial tools that will help us shape our children into responsible, devout, mature adults.”

C.S., St. Joseph's Academy Alumnus and Parent

" We have had children attending St. Joseph's Academy for 10 years and we love the small class sizes and the individual attention the children get. It's truly a family atmosphere where the kids grow up together. My oldest will graduate with some of the same students she started kindergarten with."

A.H., St. Joseph's Academy parent

"The teachers at St. Joseph's have a passion for passing on to their students not just academic knowledge, but the Faith as well."

G.G., St. Joseph's Academy parent