St. Joseph's Students Showcase their Science Skills

Source: St. Joseph's Academy

As part of St. Joseph’s academic program, all 5th – 8th grade students must complete a science project that involves an experiment.  

They work with their parents, classroom teacher or science teacher to identify something that they want to research or experiment on. In class, the students have studied the scientific method—the Science Fair gives them the opportunity to put that theoretical knowledge into practice!

The Scientific Method involves posing a question, gathering materials and supplies, setting up the experiment, observing the experiment and collecting data (taking pictures, creating graphs, writing notes) and reporting the results on their science fair board. Most importantly, they make a Hypothesis (an educated guess) at the beginning of the project and then check to see if their hypothesis or prediction was correct.  It's a great way to learn the scientific method and to spark an interest in scientific research!

Our judges worked from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday choosing the Science Fair winners.  We are very grateful for their efforts to be thorough and fair in their decisions!

The Winners:

Grades 1/2:  Joseph Slobodnik
Honorable Mention:  Elena Werick, Adelyn Sharpe, Scarlett Edington, Seraphina Giannattasio

Grade 5: Jacob Huddleston
Honorable Mention: John Slobodnik, Ciaran Quain, Marie Hable, Grace Hohmann, Benedict Garno

Grade 6: Steven Cauley

Grade 7: William Hable
Honorable Mention: Celine Garno, Maryah Sharpe

Grade 8: Julia Hohmann
Honorable Mention: Eleanor Quain, Ashley Hohmann

Overall Winner for grades 5-8: Jacob Huddleston
For the St. Scholastica Association Co-op students, the winners were:

  • 1st place: Victor Cauley (grade 11)
  • 2nd place: Theresa Hable (grade 9)
  • 3rd place: Xavier Garno (grade 10)

Students were also given comments and suggestions from the judges as to how they could improve their projects. What a great teaching tool as they think about next year's fair!

Thank you to all parents and families for encouraging your children in this important endeavor. And congratulations to all participants for a job well done!