Ordinations in Dillwyn, VA, June 21, 2019

Source: St. Joseph's Church

June 21, 2019 marks the third year of ordinations to the priesthood held at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary’s new location in Dillwyn, VA. Five young men, including one former parishioner and student of St. Joseph’s, will be raised to the Eternal Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For the last seven years, 2012-2019, the priestly candidates of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary have meticulously prepared for their priestly ordination through study, prayer, and the discipline of a rigorous seminary formation. These five deacons will be ordained to the Eternal Priesthood on Friday, June 21nd, 2019.

As hundreds of faithful watched, the Bishop will call each Deacon by name, marking the sacred moment the Church officially recognizes the priestly vocation of each candidate. Each candidate will then answer the call of the bishop thus fulfilling the priestly intent of the last seven years. The candidates then, lying prostrate on the ground, will call upon the saints in heaven to help them in that most solemn time.

Following this invocation, the Bishop will loose their chasubles to show that the Church visibly permits Her new priests to absolve sins through the sacrament of Confession. The Bishop lastly places his hands on the head of each ordinand, indicating approval of the candidate.

Each then receives the Holy Oil upon their hands to consecrate themselves entirely to their apostolic mission of saving souls for Christ, as an 'Alter Christus'. The newly ordained priests will then offer their first Mass in unison with the Bishop and with the help of an assistant priest.

These ordinations mark the continued growth of the Society of Saint Pius X — preserving the Catholic priesthood and drawing down God’s grace to souls through the sacraments and the Mass.

Interesting in attending this glorious ceremony? Click here.