Day Camp Brings out the Best in St. Joseph's Crusaders

Source: St. Joseph's Church

During the last week of July, Eucharistic Crusaders joined forces for a week of fun and training in spiritual warfare.

Thirty five children, ages 7-13, spent an enjoyable week under the direction of their Chaplain, Fr. Kimball. More than a dozen older helpers also joined in on the fun, including Father Kimball's sister, Claire. The children studied the lives of the saints and lessons from the catechism, played games and sports, and performed skits. They were divided up into four teams, each named for a different saint, and competed to see who would win the prizes by ending the week with the most points. Points could be earned by winning games, being prepared, or practicing virtues such as prompt obedience.

All in all, the goal of the week was to make the children better Crusaders and to reinforce the ideals of prayer, sacrifice, aposolate, and communion. Hopefully, after this week of fun, the St. Joseph's chapter of the Eucharistic Crusade will be even more proficient at applying the ideals of the Crusade to their everyday livs.