The 2019 Rollerblade-A-Thon is Gaining Momentum!

Source: St. Joseph's Academy

The storefront, mailers, and door-to-door fundraising efforts are going full speed ahead! We have just passed our half-way mark and have currently collected almost $12,000 towards our goal of $55,000.

Father Angele is seeking pledges of at least $100 per lap if he is to brave the RBAT track. So far, he has $76 in per-lap pledges! All the other priests are gathering pledges and donations as well.

At the storefronts, the students have been working on their sales and PR skills. Two students have already received a $100 bill as a donation on a shift! In addition, one shopper was so impressed by our students that he offered to donate the T-shirts for our “Triple T challenge”. He is the owner of Viking’s Gym in Port Huron.

Finally, Tim Verellen will be performing on his portable organ for the event on May 13thin the St. Joseph’s parking lot. Please join us — to help or just to cheer on the students, teachers, and priests!

Don’t forget, you can make donations towards this years RBAT event, either to sponsor a specific student of to help the Academy in general by clicking here.

See you at the RBAT event!