No Classes at the Academy Until April 6th

As of March 13th, the academy will close for three weeks as per the Governor's mandate. 


Although the academy will be closed, there will be Mass every day at 8:00 a.m. with the Saturday and Sunday Mass schedule remaining the same.  We will be disinfecting and cleaning all areas of the church and academy to reduce the risk of infection. 

To ensure that our students continue to learn under these difficult circumstances, our teachers will be working hard to facilitate lessons that can be completed at home. 


Please note these suggestions to get work accomplished daily:

  1. Create a daily schedule: Time to rise, breakfast, classwork time, lunch, etc. Be sure to give your children breaks regularly, just as we do at school (we have a morning break outside, lunch break with recess, etc. Let them play!)  It also helps to have them get dressed, as they realize they are awake and moving!
  2. Older children can help out, by reading to or listening to younger children read, or by practicing spelling words, studying catechism, etc.
  3. Be prepared with snacks.  Your children will probably eat more than they do when they are at school!  Keep them hydrated!
  4. Many children will finish their work by noon if they are diligent about it.  5th-11th graders usually have 45 minute periods for class, and then some homework.  Younger children have shorter attention spans and shorter class periods.  Schedule these class periods so that the students are working on every subject every day.
  5. Please don't let the children do, for example, "all the math on Monday, and all the History on Tuesday,..etc."  Have them learn as they do at school — each subject daily.
  6. Math can often be a challenge for students to learn without a teacher.  Please note that on YouTube you can find many Saxon Math lessons that your children could watch and be taught by a "teacher".  Khan Academy also has free videos you can have the children watch on certain topics.
  7. If any special challenges arise, please contact your child's teacher(s), who will be more than willing to help you find solutions.

For those preparing for First Communion and Confirmation

We will be returning to classes the week of April 6.  The Confirmation test must be taken that week, so please have your children continue studying the Confirmation book and be prepared for that written test the week they return!  Keep your First Communicants preparing for their test as well.

St. Joseph Novena

Please continue praying the St. Joseph Novena through March 18, for the material and spiritual needs of our school.