St. Thomas Aquinas and the Bees!

March 08, 2019
Source: Eucharistic Crusade

On March 7, 2019, the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, the students of St. Joseph Academy battled it out to see which house team had the greatest mastery of both spelling and cultural literacy. 

The day began with a High Mass in honor of the Patron of Catholic schools. Following a quick breakfast, the students filed into St. Philomena Hall where the Spelling Bee began with the 1st graders. First prize was neatly won by Seraphina G., with Scarlett E. and Emma Z. in second and third. Gemma G. took first place for the second grade, followed by Ava H. and Christian T. As the difficulty of the words increased, Isabella W. won the day for the third grade with Blaise S. and Colette H. following in second and third. Lastly, Sophia H. won first place for yet another year. McKelle S. and Anthony H. were right on her heels, taking second and third place respectively.

After a pizza lunch, the focus turned to cultural literacy. The 5th through 8th grades competed according to their house team divisions: Solanus, Jogues, and Kateri Houses. Questions revolved around math, religion, history, music and art, literature and logic. When the dust settled, Solanus House won by a substantial margin. Next, as a bonus attraction, the students from St. Scholastica Homeschool Co-op battled it out in the cultural literacy arena. The girls won by a small margin over the boys, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day of exciting competition!