St. Joseph's Teens Celebrate Christmas Around the World!

December 10, 2018
Source: Eucharistic Crusade

After 6 weeks of arduous preparation, the 11-17 year olds of St. Joseph's presented their "Christmas Around the World" Festival.

The teens had divided up into 5 groups and presented cultural traditions and festive food from Lebanon, China, Mexico, France and Germany. The presentations were judged by Father Angele, with first place awarded to the Mexico group and Germany and France coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. A beautiful wooden backgammon set was reffled off by the Lebanon group. Germany awarded a handmade gingerbread house to a lucky winner. But the most popular attraction was the giant Mexican pinata, which kept the children occupied for hours! When it was finally brought down, many eager hands grabbed for the mexican candy the rained down. 

The main purpose of the event was to raise funds for the needy during the Christmas season. In that regard, it was a huge success, raising almost $2500 over the two days of the event. Plans are already being discussed for next year's event.