St. Joseph’s Academy is Introduced to the Joys of a Riddle Quest

January 10, 2019
Source: Priory Armada

As the students wrapped up their studies before the Christmas break, Fr. Angele was busy preparing a surprise. After lunch one day in December, the House Team captains were directed to the House bulletin board where they found an envelope marked with the team name: Jogues, Kateri, and Solanus. Each envelope contained a rhyming riddle which led the team to find another clue…and another…until the riddle was solved. Throughout the recess periods over three days, the St. Joseph’s House teams strove to be the first to solve the riddle. Ultimately, this first Riddle Quest was won by Solanus House, who celebrated with a pizza party as school let out for the holidays. All the students are looking forward to more riddles in the coming year!