SJA Students Visit the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall

April 06, 2018
Source: Academy Armada
Students of St. Joseph’s Academy took a trip to hear the work of one of the masters of concert music, the great Beethoven

Friday, March 22 the fifth through eighth grade students of the academy went on a field trip to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hal to hear Ludwig von Beethoven's Seventh Symphony

We packed everyone into three vehicles for the forty-five minute trip to the Hall. We left at about 9:30am, to make it in time for the 10:30am performance. 

The tickets were for the very front row, so we could see and hear everything that happened on stage. The Finnish conductor, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, was very good and experienced and had conducted many orchestras over the years. The violinist for one of the pieces, Augustin Hadelich, was very emotional with the music. He had great talent from the time he was young, but his face was scarred because of an explosion that happened in his teenage years while filling a gas tank in a tractor. 

We returnedto the academy in time to practice for our school play at the end of the academic year, which I encourage you all to come and see!