Eagles Football League Championship Game 2018

December 07, 2018
Source: Eucharistic Crusade
Sprits were high at the 2018 EFL Championship game!

It promised to be a good game: the Raptors (Jogues House) vs. the Crusaders (Kateri House). The Raptors scored the first touchdown, which made it seven to zero. The Raptors scored another touchdown, bringing the lead to fourteen. Then the Crusaders scored their first touchdown, making the Raptors a bit uneasy of their lead. The Raptors, with time running out and excitement running high, scored another touchdown, making the score twenty-one to seven; the game ended as the touchdown was scored. The Raptors beat the Crusaders with a two goal lead. With joy in their eyes, the Raptors ended the contest by shaking the Crusader’s hands and shouting a hearty “good game!”

—Submitted by Ashley Hohmann