Art on Display in St. Philomena Hall

February 08, 2019
Source: Academy Armada

The 7th – 10thgraders of St. Joseph’s Academy and St. Scholastica Homeschool Co-op have been working hard this school year in their art classes. 

They were introduced in the fall to techniques of pencil drawing, especially drawing faces. After some general exercises helping them to learn to truly see their subject matter, they practiced by copying images of different facial features — first in graphite and then in charcoal.

The challenge came when they were given an image of their own faces to copy to produce a self-portrait in charcoal. Each art class period found the students refining details of eyes and hair to make an ever more perfect likeness. Finally, in late January, the finished products were put on display in St. Philomena Hall. Faculty, staff, parents, and visitors alike were amazed at the high quality of the students’ work.

The finished artwork was judged by staff members and prizes were given for 1st, 2nd, and third place, as well as five honorable mentions. It was a fine effort by an enthusiastic group of young artists!