2018 Girls' Kickball Championship Game

December 07, 2018
Source: Academy Armada
The happy winners from Jogues House

The 2018-2019 kickball championship game was held between the teams fielded by Kateri house and Jogues house on December 5, 2018. Both teams had shown great skill, sportsmanship and teamwork during the season, but only one would win the championship. 

Jogues was the first to kick and drove in five runs. Then it was Kateri’s turn and they drove in three. During the top of the second inning Jogues house was up to kick, but they were only able to score three runs. It was the bottom of the second and Kateri scored three again, which put the score at six to eight in Jogues’ favor. The top of the third was an intense inning for both Kateri and Jogues but at the end Kateri was able to hold Jogues and prevent them from scoring.

Unfortunately, time ran out and this would be Kateri’s last chance to either tie or win the game. During the bottom of the third inning Kateri was able to score three runs and tie it, but they could not pull off another run. The game went into overtime!

During the top of the first inning of overtime Jogues was able to score one run but no more. During the bottom of the inning Kateri did their best and almost could have won; but with only one out left the Jogues pitcher caught a hard hit line drive and the season ended for he players who showed great spirit. In the end, there could only be one - and this year Jogues house is the 2018-2019 ST. JOSEPH’S KICKBALL CHAMPIONS!

— Submitted by Daniel Flores.