Kickball Tournament Champions!

February 08, 2018
Source: Academy Armada
Kateri House took the victory for the Kickball Tournament

The highlight of the first quarter for the third through eighth grade girls was the St. Joseph’s Kickball Tournament.

The matches were held on the school’s field. The teams consisted of five girls each, competing for the final trophy. Miss Bridget Kimball organized the event and acted as full-time pitcher and referee during the games. The players gave their best efforts while the students, not competing, chanted original cheers from the sidelines. Solanus house came in third place. In the final championship game, Kateri and Jogues houses vied for first place. Kateri won the match with a final score of twenty-seven to six. The students learned to have friendly competition while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine; in addition, everyone gained an increase of school spirit. Go Eagles!