Kateri House Wolverines take the 2017 EFL Championship

February 07, 2018
Source: Academy Armada
The Wolverines bested the Raptors 28-14 to take this year's title.

The Eagle’s Football League, or EFL, had not been played by St. Joseph’s boys for three years.  

Resurrected in the 2017-18 school year, the three houses of the academy each created a team and faced each other in an intramural season.  The three houses with their respective teams were: Jogues House (Raptors), Kateri House (Wolverines) and Solanus House (Dark Knights).

The championship was determined by which two teams had the best records.  The Raptors went undefeated with a record of 5-0 for nearly the whole season and faced the Wolverines in the championship game. On the big day, cold and blustery weather challenging the players from both sides, the Wolverines beat the Raptors 28-14.  Kateri House won the trophy and 30 points for their house.