Bishop Fellay Confirms 25 candidates at St. Joseph's Church

February 08, 2018
Source: Priory Armada

Last weekend His Excellency, Bishop Fellay administered the sacrament of Christian perfection at St. Joseph's Church. A young parishioner gives an account of the ceremonies and festivities of that day.

On Sunday, February 4th, his Excellency, Bishop Fellay came to St. Joseph's Church to administer the sacrament of Confirmation. The ceremony ran very smoothly with the help of the priests, altar servers, and choir.

The church was full with friends and family of all the confirmands along with members of the congregation. There were a total of 25 confirmands, 12 girls and 13 boys.

Some of the confirmands were not from the parish but came from a distance, being in need of the sacrament. They made the trip to St. Joseph's coming from various places - the nearby city of Detroit, and the states of Kentucky and Illinois.

Before the ceremony, the bishop gave an edifying sermon. His inspirational words encouraged the confirmands to be good soldiers of Christ in this modern world. He told them that even a good example such as making the sign of the cross in public would share the graces of the Holy Ghost with people who wanted and who were able to receive them.

After his uplifting sermon the ceremony of confirmation took place. Fr. Todd Angele and Fr. Raphael Granges assisted his Excellency in this ceremony. Immediately afterwards, a Pontifical Low Mass was celebrated.

Following the mass a very organized and delicious banquet was offered for the people attending the ceremony - this meal was enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks be to God for such a beautiful day!

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