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Maybe you are an old friend of St. Joseph’s Academy, one of our alumni, a friend, neighbor or grandparent of our students, or perhaps you are just interested in finding out more about this exciting place—then read on.

The articles and images in this newsletter are intended to demonstrate the exciting things going on at St. Joseph’s Academy and inspire you to share the profound hope we have for the future: both for the young people who are being formed by our dedicated teachers and for the future of our academy.

At St. Joseph’s, we are excited about the future because what we offer our students is unique in the world of modern education. Here, children are taught—by the timeless principles of Catholic education—to think rather than just cut-and-paste. In addition to our rigorous academic program, our teachers work tirelessly to impart to their students a sense of duty, integrity, and responsibility. We strive to form solid Christian character so that our students will be assets to our society and shine the light of Christ in the darkness of this modern world. 

We encourage you to read more about the mission of St. Joseph’s Academy and consider how you can help us to continue to be a ray of light and hope for today’s youth.

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